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How to succeed in Bread Baking at Home

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Beginner course: understand the basics of Bread Baking

  • 1 heure 30 minutes
  • 14,99 euros

Description du service

Understand how to make bread at home A/ Objectives ➊ Learn the basics of bread dough fermentation ➋ Understand the influence of ingredients and temperatures on your recipe ➌ Steps for making your bread in a home environment ➍ Know how to adapt your recipe to your environment thanks to the Android App "Bread recipes" B/ Course structure ➊ Introduction of the Workshop, organization and logistics ➋ Go back to the basics of bread-making in the Bakery ➌ Decoding of a bread recipe and explanation of the stages of a protocol ➍ Workshop "read the faults" of your bread and adjust the protocol

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