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Release Notes - v4.1 (July 2020)

  • New gluten free flours

  • New extra ingredients for gluten free bread and diastasic malt (thanks Claudio)

  • New rise time table with better accuracy of fermentation time bread with only leaven (no yeast)

Coming SOON

  • Photo album for each recipe

  • Bloc Note for recipe record

  • Fermentation duration with cold fermentation options

  • Coil & Slap and other folding options 

  • Very long fermentation manually selectable (>24 hrs)

  • Performance at start-up

  • User customizable Extra ingredients and Flours

Main features

Create basic, customised and advanced Bread recipes

(9 predefined breads)
(shape, flour, crumb)
(full baker's percentages)

Create pre-ferment recipes - Starter (foam, liquid, solid) and Poolish 

Pre-ferment Starters & Poolish (4 sub-types)
Preferment & Refreshment

Run the recipe method for Bread & Pre-ferment with their timers

Steps & associated timers
Starter steps & timers 
(can run in parallel with Bread Recipe of the same bread)

Manage Recipes, Select Preferences & Share recipes over Text, e-Mail, Whatsapp, etc.

List of your bread & pre-ferment recipes
Units, recipe & steps fine tuning
Share Bread Recipe over WhatsApp